In the Kitchen with My Healthy Blueprint and the YMCA

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 6, Issue 2 - Baptist Health Care

My Healthy Blueprint.

Have you heard? Baptist Health Care partnered with the newly opened Bear Levin Studer Family YMCA to offer health services and guidance to the community through Andrews Institute Rehabilitation and My Healthy Blueprint (formerly Healthy Lives) nutrition classes at the Gulf Power Demo Kitchen.

Health is made in the kitchen. It is also the place where you’ll have some of the best conversations about health and wellness. Many of us didn’t take cooking classes in school or have lessons about how to shop for healthy foods. That’s why we’re providing plenty of tricks and tips for making healthy, delicious, fast and affordable meals while keeping the preparation fun. The secrets to great food are healthy ingredients and a little creativity, not a hefty budget.

Each Wednesday we host a free Lunch and Learn cooking demonstration at the new, state-of-the-art YMCA located in beautiful downtown Pensacola. In class you will meet doctors, nurses and nutrition experts in bright blue Baptist aprons. They’re stirring up health in easily digestible portions. Think of us as human ladles serving up health tip soup! We will answer all of your questions about taking charge of your health and show you how home cooking can help you live a healthy life well beyond the golden years.

All class recipes will meet our high quality standards fit for an Olympic athlete. We are all athletes in some manner – industrial athletes, medical athletes or caregiving athletes. We are the most valuable “equipment” in any business or home.

These recipes will help you save big at the grocery store too! Our YMCA kitchen could easily be shown on the Food Network, but don’t worry. We aren’t attempting gourmet cooking here. No extensive professional cooking skills or tools will be needed. At the YMCA kitchen we’re focused on real world, practical recipes that anyone can make.

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