Our Approach

Motivating Changes in Behavior

Our program consists of four components that help motivate changes in behavior:

Women sitting on floor holding apple and milk.  Words lik diet, fruit, nutrition, food, balance, exercise and weight are all around her.
  1. Analytics and Interpretation
  2. Health Risk Assessment and On-Site Screening
  3. Health Education Classes
  4. Health Coaching
  • Analytics and Interpretation - Analysis of your company's needs to create a comprehensive workplace profile helps to serve as a guide to developing your specific Healthy Blueprint program.
  • Health Risk Assessments and Screenings - Individual biometric screenings and health risk assessments provide personalized health reports for each employee. While individual information is confidential, the collective data allows our team to create a health risk profile of your company's workforce.
  • Wellness Services - Recommendations for incentives and education, as well as access to our team's vast clinical expertise.
  • Health Coaching - Support and motivation helps members overcome challenges and achieve their personal health goals. When needed, our health coaches collaborate with physicians.

Personalized Support

Companies across the nation experience challenges in balancing health care costs and a healthy workforce. The right wellness partner can help you develop a program that can lead your employees to better health and your company to a healthier bottom line.

My Healthy Blueprint™ becomes an integral part of your team to ensure your program is customized. We spend time on-site and track the effectiveness of your program to see how it's working. Then, we follow up making adjustments and answering questions to some of your most complex health care concerns. We can identify company trends and determine what wellness program will provide the most return on investment, ensure team member value and lower health care expenses. Here’s how we do it:

  • Working with your staff, we develop a workplace profile for your company that identifies high-risk areas, assesses employer readiness and evaluates past plan performance.
  • We utilize health risk assessments and our team of nurses conducts on-site biometric screenings for employees.
  • Your employees will receive an individual health risk report. The company will receive an aggregate population health risk report.
  • The My Healthy Blueprint team works closely with your management team to develop a personalized wellness program based on data, an incentive program, education and an effective communication strategy.
  • My Healthy Blueprint works with your executive team to evaluate data, identify positive trends and present opportunities to improve the value of employer's investment in health.
  • The My Healthy Blueprint rewards program is a results-based incentive program tailored to your employees' needs and interests. For achieving specific health and lifestyle goals at year-end, participants earn points that can be used for incentives determined and provided by your company.

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