About the Faith Health Network

The Faith Health Network (FHN) is a program of Baptist Health Care. Guided by our Mission of helping people throughout life’s journey, the FHN combines the many resources of the health care community with the strength of local congregations to promote the delivery of high-quality health care. FHN is meant to build a bridge between Baptist and the people within our communities by developing personal relationships with local congregations through the use of congregational volunteers (liaisons) and dedicated health care professionals (navigators). The goal is to ensure that our members enter the system at the right place, at the right time, for the right reason, and understand that they are not alone.

What are the benefits to your congregation?

Being diagnosed with a medical condition can be an overwhelming experience for individuals. Often, people must learn new things to properly take care of themselves, and it’s easy to forget some steps. Often, we just can’t do it all on our own. Congregations are great support systems and should continue to support their members in these times by helping identify the health-related questions and finding the answers.

Congregations partner with Baptist Health Care and others to provide a network of health support. As a member of your congregation, and as a member of the FHN, you have access to a wealth of support on issues such as preventive medicine and follow-up care.

While not an insurance program, the FHN works with congregations to educate and provide a proactive, supportive network to help you navigate the health system. Trained leaders within your congregation and the Baptist Health Care team can help provide:

  • Access to education and preventive medicine through health fairs and guest speakers
  • Assistance in choosing the right clinic or physician for your health needs
  • Advocacy should you need to come to the hospital
  • A network of aftercare support following an illness or treatment of a medical condition

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How it Works

Your congregation will appoint a liaison to help members access their benefits. This liaison works closely with an FHN navigator who is an employee of Baptist Health Care. They will work together to answer questions, build on your congregation members’ strengths, schedule educational outreach for your congregation, and provide support and follow-up care, should you need to visit the hospital.

With your permission, the liaison will:

  • Contact a hospital visitation team from your congregation
  • Determine what your needs are during your stay
  • Assess your needs upon discharge from the hospital
  • Direct you to resources that will help you understand and implement your recommended treatment plan and help you access care for your health needs

The FHN is not an insurance program. Instead, we work like a support team for your health needs, and we are your partners in your health journey. If you have specific questions about your insurance, we encourage you to call the business office at Baptist at 850.908.2000 or the customer service office for your insurance coverage.