Baptist Hospital continues to care for the patients from NAS Pensacola. We received eight patients. Baptist Hospital services have not been interrupted. All services are fully operational. If you have an appointment on our campus, it is not affected by this event.

While we never expect something like this to happen in our community, our Baptist Health Care teams train continuously to respond, rendering exceptional care. All of our responding departments, particularly the emergency department, went into immediate action to care for these individuals, exercising great urgency, compassion and medical expertise.

We thank our partners at NAS Pensacola, Escambia County emergency management services and law enforcement for their tremendous coordinated response. We also thank the medical community and government agencies—local, state and national—who reached out to offer support. In addition, we are grateful to members of our community who reached out to offer assistance and prayers. Please note that we do have an adequate supply of blood; however, we always encourage blood donations be given to One Blood.

We extend our love and prayers to our NAS Pensacola family. We are here to support you today and beyond.

We don’t anticipate providing any more updates today. We will continue to honor NAS Pensacola's request to refer any patient related questions to them. For media questions, please call or text 850.791.5254. For updates on the situation, please visit NAS Pensacola Facebook page.

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