The Importance of Posture

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 7, Issue 2 - Baptist Hospital

The Importance of posture'

You may have heard the term “power pose.” The ways we sit and stand often make us look and feel more confident. More than just empowerment, proper posture leads to better overall health. It affects our breathing, energy levels and bodily alignment. Yet many of us don’t pay attention to posture until it leads to problems like back or neck pain. There are reasons why focusing on posture now, not later, are beneficial.

Good posture allows for more efficient breathing. When you’re slumped over, the rib cage collapses a bit, leaving less room for lungs to open. This leads to inefficient breathing and affects other areas of the body.

"One of the first things that come to mind about proper posture is that it affects how you breathe,” said Albi Gilmer, physical therapist and facility manager at Andrews Institute Rehabilitation. “With a poor posture form, you could be potentially closing off your lungs’ maximum capability."

When more oxygen can be delivered to the brain, cognition can improve. As you’re inhaling and exhaling in better form, you can mentally focus. This leads to more opportunities for learning, increased energy and output.

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