Corporate Memberships

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Corporate Memberships

The corporate wellness membership provides employers an opportunity to offer an added perk for their staff and families. Participation can help reduce health care costs making it a very appealing benefit to anyone who works to support a family.

We provide on-site screenings, personalized support, clinical expertise and advisement on your program’s return of investment. The program projects a 4:1 return on investment in just five years!

Here are some reasons you may want to consider My Healthy Blueprint. Wellness programs can lead to:

  • 27 percent average decrease in work absenteeism
  • 26 percent average decrease in overall health care costs
  • 32 percent average decrease in worker’s compensation and disability cost claims

The true value lies in a healthier, more engaged employee team who can increase productivity and sustain better work attendance. In addition, your company can lower long-term health care costs. Contact one of our consultants at 1.855.469.6903 who can explain the process.