Nursing Honor Guard

Baptist Health Care's Nursing Honor Guard honors and recognizes men and women who dedicated their professional lives to the practice of nursing. The Nursing Honor Guard members dress in traditional white nursing uniforms, white caps and blue capes, and carry Victorian-style lanterns to represent Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Current and retired nurses volunteer their time as members of the Nursing Honor Guard to attend the funerals of nurses in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties within a 50-mile radius of Baptist Hospital.

Family members of nurses who have passed away can request the Nursing Honor Guard to pay tribute at their loved ones' funeral services. The Honor Guard will consult with the family to provide the level of participation desired.

“We work with the pastor and family. They decide the level of our involvement. We can stand aside at attention or we can play a more active role in the service.” Nova McDavid, a registered nurse who works in the Baptist Hospital Emergency Trauma Center and has been involved in the formation of the Nursing Honor Guard.

Families of nurses who would like to invite the Nursing Honor Guard to be a part of their loved ones’ memorial services can email their request to