SCOUT® Wire-free Radar Localization System

Making Breast Cancer Surgery Easier for Women

Baptist Health Care continues to demonstrate its commitment to offering the most advanced treatment options to breast cancer patients by being the first in the Pensacola area to offer the SCOUT® wire-free radar localization system to provide easier, more compassionate care to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The use of radar is an efficient and precise approach to localization and surgical guidance and helps surgeons remove cancerous tissue with greater confidence.

SCOUT® is a zero-radiation solution for marking breast tumors, biopsy sites and lymph nodes. SCOUT® uses a unique radar signal to detect a tiny reflector—the size of a grain of rice—that can be placed inside the breast at any time during the course of treatment and at the patient’s convenience. During the surgical procedure, the surgeon scans the breast to precisely and efficiently locate the reflector to within 1 mm of accuracy.

The ability to precisely locate tumors increases the probability of complete cancer removal and reduces the likelihood of needing follow-up surgeries—a great advantage for early-state breast cancer patients. In addition, the ability to strategically plan the incision may result in better cosmetic outcomes. SCOUT® is also used to effectively localize lymph nodes and can be used with any type of imaging over the course of a patient’s care.

Talk to your doctor to find out if SCOUT® is right for you.

View the video below to learn how SCOUT® works.

Funding for this technology is provided by Baptist Health Care Foundation.