Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How is Baptist transforming care?
    Throughout our history, we’ve consistently made bold moves to provide more and better care for the community we call home. Just over 10 years ago, we opened the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine to bring leading orthopedic care to our community. In 2013, we became a Mayo Clinic Care Network member to connect our local experts with leaders in their field so we can provide world-class care here in Northwest Florida. Most recently, we developed our medical parks in Pace and on Airport Boulevard to provide more convenient access to our services.
    The next bold move? Our new facility, further expanding access and combining new approaches and technologies to serve our community.
  • Why build a new facility?
    Put simply: to provide the next-level care that our community deserves! Better access, new and improved capabilities, and updated technology are just the start. Our goal is to make it seamless for those we serve to get what they need.
    We are committed to providing the very best care for our patients and team members, and our new facility will allow us to do exactly that.
  • Why was this location selected?
    We explored several options. However, it was important to us to remain near our E Street campus while also improving access to our hospital services in our broader, ever-expanding community. This includes the counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa and beyond.
    We enlisted the support of the UWF Haas Center and other experts to help us identify and evaluate locations. The selected site, less than 2.5 miles from our E Street campus, is conveniently located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Brent Lane and I-110 and provides quicker and easier access to all whom we serve.
  • What will happen during construction?
    We’ll continue to deliver the same great care we always have – at our E Street campus as well as at our other facilities. The new hospital will be completed in the summer of 2023, at which time we will transition many of our hospital-based services to the new location.
    Over the next several months, we’ll begin working with community partners to reimagine our current E Street campus to better serve local needs and expand vital community-based services.
    Stay tuned as we have more details to share over the coming months.
  • What will the new facility be like?
    The new facility will be a full-scale, 250-bed hospital with medical offices. With just over 650,000 square feet, the facility will be outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and leading technology. An innovative layout will allow us to deliver seamless, coordinated care into the future as we continue to grow to meet the needs of our communities we serve.
  • What will happen with the existing E Street campus?
    Our E Street campus will remain a busy and vital part of the surrounding community. We will keep the majority of Baptist Health Care system administration, system support services, and Lakeview Center, as well as other programs and clinical services at our E Street campus. Plans for enhancing community-based offerings at the current location are in development, and over the coming months, we look forward to working with partners to determine how to best serve local needs.
  • What will the new facility cost and how will it be paid for?
    While plans are still in development, we expect the investment in this new facility to be roughly $550 million, the majority of which will be funded through new debt issuance. This investment will have significant economic impact for the community, and we are excited to be a part of the advancement and evolution of Pensacola.
  • How can I stay informed?
    Visit for more information and regular updates.
  • Is there a new hospital timeline?
    Yes! We want to keep you informed every step of the way as we move through the key phases of work that will take us from the announcement of our plans to build this facility through the time of opening the new hospital.
    Please see our timeline to help you understand how this work will be phased and when each phase of work will occur.
  •   Why are the bed numbers of the new hospital changing?
    We anticipate that our new hospital will have about 250 active medical beds. We have 253 active beds now, and our average daily census is around 233. Therefore, the bed count at the new location better reflects the needs of today's care. When we built our hospital many years ago, inpatient stays were much higher than today. Following childbirth, a new mother would have a week-long stay. Surgeries that used to require multiple days in the hospital are now delivered in an outpatient setting.
  •   Is the new hospital’s location in a flood zone? Heavy rains have caused properties in that general vicinity to be under water.
    The Baptist Health Care Facilities Department has reviewed the new hospital’s location. It is not in a flood zone, and we are not aware of any historical flooding on the property where our hospital will be constructed. There is an area further to the west of the property on Brent Lane that has experienced flooding, but our location has not encountered this issue.

Patient Questions

  • Why is this happening?
    Throughout our history, we’ve consistently made bold moves to provide more and better care for the community we call home. Our new facility enables us to further expand access and combine new approaches and technologies to serve our community, while maintaining a close presence – within 2.5 miles – of our existing main hospital location at our E Street campus.
  • How will this affect me?
    We will continue to provide you with quality medical care at all of our locations. The new location will off er more convenient access to the latest technology, improved capabilities and a beautiful modern hospital facility.
  • I have an appointment scheduled. Is that changing?
    No. The new location is planned to open in summer of 2023. Any appointments you have at this time will not be changed because of this announcement.
  • Is my doctor’s office at the Baptist Hospital/Towers campus moving?
    Not at this time. If and when practices go to the new location, your provider’s office will contact you far in advance to give you all the details.
  • Will services be the same at the new facility?
    There is still a great deal of planning to do, but you can expect to receive the majority of the clinical services currently offered at our E Street campus at the new location. We will provide more details about the new location as soon as that information is available to share.
  • Will all my records transfer over?
    When the time comes, all records will be transferred electronically. If and when practices go to the new location, your provider’s office will contact you far in advance to inform you of the change. This will be a seamless transition for our patients.
  • Will my insurance still be covered?
    Managed care plans will not be affected by this change. However, to confirm the plans we accept, visit