Please visit us often as we continue to add information about our new campus journey.

General Questions

  • Why build Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care, a combined emergency and urgent care?
    At Baptist Health Care, we continue our founders’ bold vision to off er new, convenient and accessible ways for people to receive our care. Having emergency room (ER) and urgent care (UC) services together under one roof eliminates the guesswork for our patients - they will no longer have to decide what level of services they need. Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care will make care more aff ordable by helping patients avoid the higher cost of unnecessary emergency care while also providing ER services to those who need it.
  • Why was this location selected?
    The need for access to emergency room and urgent care services continues to rise throughout Northwest Florida. Off ering this level of combined care in Navarre brings greater access to this growing part of our region.
  • Where will Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care be located?
    The new combined emergency room and urgent care will be located in the Baptist Medical Park – Navarre.
  • What will happen with the existing campus?
    All services off ered at the Baptist Medical Park – Navarre will remain the same. The new Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care will include 10 exam rooms, lab and diagnostic imaging.
  • How can I stay informed?
    Visit for more information and regular updates.
  • A BHC competitor recently announced the opening of a free standing ER in the Navarre community. Is Baptist doing this as response to that announcement?
    No. We have been planning this initiative for many months. Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care is unique and the only of its kind in the area that is a hybrid emergency and urgent care model. We believe this will serve our community very well as it provides our patients access to Baptist emergency services when needed, and access to lower cost urgent care for illnesses and injuries that don’t require ER level services and fees.

Patient FAQs

  • How will this affect me?
    We will continue to provide you with quality medical care at Baptist Medical Park – Navarre as we transition the existing building to house Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care.
  • I have an appointment scheduled. Is that changing?
    No. Any appointments you have at this time will not be changed because of this announcement..
  • Is my doctor’s office at the Baptist Medical Park – Navarre campus moving?
    Not at this time. Your provider’s offi ce will contact you in advance to give you all the details if their offi ce is relocated within the medical park.
  • Will services be the same at the new facility?
    All existing services will remain the same. We will continue to off er primary care, internal medicine, specialty services, lab, diagnostic imaging and Andrews Institute rehabilitation services. We look forward to adding comprehensive full service emergency services including 10 exam rooms when the new Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care opens in early 2021.