Baptist Health Care Hospitals Receive Four-Star Rating from CMS

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded Baptist Hospital, Gulf Breeze Hospital and Jay Hospital each a four-star rating for patient experience on its Hospital Compare website. The three Baptist Health Care (BHC) facilities received the highest ratings of any other hospital within the greater Pensacola area.

Baptist, Gulf Breeze and Jay hospital’s ratings are based on 11 publicly reported measures in the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey.

Star ratings reflect HCAHPS surveys completed from July 2014 through June 2015, as displayed in the Hospital Compare update released on May 4, 2016. Each hospital must have at least 100 completed surveys over a quarterly period and be eligible for public reporting of HCAHPS measures to receive a star rating. The agency released its first star ratings for hospitals in April 2015 and now updates the ratings based on new HCAHPS data on a quarterly basis.

The surveys place the assessment of hospital performance in the hands of the patient. Patients rate their care in key categories such as communication with nurses and responsiveness of physicians and staff. BHC uses the results to trend its own performance and compare to different hospitals in the region.

"The HCAHPS survey results serve as a gauge for how we are doing in the eyes of patients in Pensacola and the surrounding area. We are pleased to be rated higher than many facilities, but we are always looking for ways to improve,” said Mark Faulkner, President and CEO of Baptist Health Care. “We review patient satisfaction results monthly to ensure we stay on top of our performance expectations."

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