CPE Programs at Baptist Hospital

CPE Programs

CPE is an educational program in which students work as pastors to patients, families, and staff in the hospital. The emphasis is on the doing and reflecting upon one’s ministry in order that ministry formation and development may occur. This process is facilitated through experiential learning: doing ministry, personal reflection, feedback from peers and supervisor, participation in theoretical and theological discussions and the subsequent application of one’s learning to ministry relationships.

CPE Residents have the opportunity to develop ministry specialization. In addition to this, Residents are expected to assume administrative responsibilities within the context of the hospital and more specifically, the Department of Pastoral Care. Specialty areas are negotiated between the student, supervisor, and CPE Consultation Committee. Specialization should meet the student’s learning needs as well as the hospital’s needs. Current specialty areas include, but are not limited to, oncology, psychiatry, geriatrics, cardiac, and trauma.

Baptist Hospital Clinical Pastoral Education program is accredited by Association for Clinical Pastoral.

CPE Positions

CPE students at Baptist Hospital may participate in one of three types of educational positions: residency, extended internship, and summer internship. These positions carry the basic responsibility of providing pastoral care to patients, families, and staff within assigned areas. This service forms the context in which professional education for ministry takes place. Those serving in these positions are recognized as an integral part of the pastoral care program, as well as professionals continuing to develop pastoral competence.

Residents: Residents are full time CPE students. These individuals have made application, successfully met an Admissions Committee and offered a 12 month residency. Residents participate five days a week, in addition to a minimum of one 24-hour shift in-house coverage per week, which includes some weekends and holidays. Residents become full time hospital employees for the educational period and therefore receive full time benefits. Currently Residents are compensated $34,600 per 12 month educational period.

Extended Intern: The Extended Intern position is designed for community clergy, qualified laypersons, and theological students. The program meets two days a week for a period of approximately 20 weeks. The Extended Intern participates in ministry and educational opportunities during these two days, in addition to one 24-hour shift, in-house coverage every other week.

Summer Intern: The Summer Intern position is designed for theological students, community clergy, and qualified laypersons. Summer Interns participate full time five days a week, in addition to a minimum of one 24-hour shift in-house coverage per week, which includes some weekends and holidays. The full-time intern program is for 11-14 weeks and corresponsds with the resident's schedule.