Tailored Experience

The Baptist Women’s Center team is committed to creating a tailored birthing experience that aligns with your needs and wishes. We do this by taking your indicated birth preferences paired with the latest safety standards to create an environment that helps you relax and enjoy the experience of childbirth. You can bring mobile devices and other comforts of home. Free Wi-Fi is provided through Baptist Hospital. Discuss a birth preference list with your physician. You can complete and bring the completed preference list form and present it to your nurse when you arrive at Labor and Delivery.

Friends and family may attend the birth. For the best birth environment, however, it’s best to limit visitors to those who understand how to support you during labor. To help maximize your relaxation, it is highly recommended that your visitors come to support you for the duration of your labor, as opposed to entering and exiting the unit multiple times. All visitors should be told in advance that certain medical situations could require that everyone leaves the room except the labor partner. At no time should other children be left alone in the labor room with only the laboring mother to care for them. If you wish to have your older children present for the delivery, please discuss this with their community pediatrician to determine if it would be appropriate based on their age.

The arrival of your baby is an amazing event. Each birth is attended by a nurse who will examine your baby at your bedside. If your newborn is doing well, you will have as long as you like to get acquainted with your baby.