Be Storm Ready Before It Happens

Words say disaster plan on a piece of paper - 6/01/2020

We may not want to think about a hurricane or other storm; however, having a plan in place now will help you if and when a weather emergency occurs.  

Here are 10 things to do now to be storm ready before a storm happens:  

1. Know your area’s risks of hurricanes, flooding and other weather-related emergencies.  

2. Follow the weather regularly and sign up for your community’s warning system to stay on top of the latest concerns. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio also offer emergency alerts. Watch for warning signs like heavy rain if you’re at risk for flash flooding.  

3. Stock up or always keep on hand canned foods, bottled water, extra batteries, flash lights and other storm supplies. Consider obtaining a generator and solar powered chargers for cell phones.   

4. Locate the safest place in your home or living environment before a storm occurs. The best protection is a small, interior and windowless room in a sturdy building on the lowest level that is not prone to flooding.

5. Find a local shelter and practice going there ahead of time. Make sure your family and loved ones know where you’ll go if you decide to leave.   

6. Make your own plans for evacuation. Know the evacuation zones, routes and community resources available to you. Baptist Health Care has an emergency resource guide that may be helpful for you.  

7. Make an emergency kit. In your kit, put needed supplies to last three days. Don’t forget pet needs, medication, food, water and ways to communicate in an emergency situation. Having some cash is also helpful.

8. Keep important documents in a safe place. Better yet, create digital copies of your insurance policy after you review it.  Store and photocopy other vital information you may need during or after a disaster.  

9. Take photos in and around your home of your valuables so you can track any possible damage after a storm. This may come in handy for insurance filing purposes. Make sure your street number is clearly marked on your home.  

10. Protect your property and your belongings. Declutter your yard, drains and gutters. Stow or pick up any trash, tools and other debris that could move or fly away in a storm. Trim back trees, shrubs and plants. Turn off and unplug electronics.   

For any storm, hope for the best but prepare for the worst to stay safe. Baptist is here for you.