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Champion Andy Barrett Spreads Awareness of Mental Health Training and Needs

Andy is passionate about mental health awareness and brought Fire Watch training to Baptist and community

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Champion Doug Fortune Steps In To Rescue Fellow Team Member

Doug Fortune was thankfully nearby to help a fellow team member who was choking.

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1,000th Watchman Procedure Patient Phyllis Forte Finds Better Quality of Life

Phyllis Forte was the 1,000 patient to receive the Watchman procedure at Baptist. Read her story.


Krystle Fernandez Honors Her Family's AAPI Heritage

Baptist team member honors her Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage

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A Nurses Week Message from Joyce Nichols, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Read this special 'thank you' from Joyce to the entire Baptist team of nurses.

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Mindy Hodges, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Honored With DAISY Award

Nurse Mindy Hodges at Baptist was nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient.

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Blood Pressure Affects Heart Health and Overall Well-Being

Know Your Blood Pressure To Know Your Heart Health


Vickie's Weight Loss Journey: From Donuts in Darkness to New Self-Worth and Camping Adventures

Hear a weight loss story from Vickie Pickreign, how she went from eating donuts in the dark to self-worth and camping adventures


Dalton’s Weight Loss Journey: From Death’s Door to Fitness Champion

Hear a weight loss story from Dalton Musslewhite, how he went from near-death to fitness champion


Grateful Cardiac Rehab Patient Frank Gilliam Shares Appreciation

A patient wrote in and wanted to share his experiences at Baptist, from Cardiac Rehab


Team Member Christmas Traditions Shared

A few members of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Council shared their favorite Christmas traditions.

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Managing Your Health During The Holiday Season

Navigating the season involves finding balance. Let our tips from Behavioral Health help you.

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Olive Trees Symbolic of Baptist’s Deeply Rooted Culture

Doctor plants olive trees on new hospital campus to symbolize culture.

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Champion Jim Knerr Goes Above and Beyond to Live The Baptist Culture

Team members are recognized for going above and beyond. Read Jim's story.

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Champion Cheryl Locke Goes Above and Beyond to Help Patients

Cheryl Locke is a Baptist team member who became a Champion for going above and beyond to help a patient.

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National Native American Heritage Month and National Adoption Month: One Woman's Journey

A team member shares her family's experiences with Native American Heritage and National Adoption Awareness months

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Stephanie Hall, First Heart Patient at New Baptist Hospital, Plays Music with Purpose

First heart patient at new Baptist Hospital has surgery for ascending aortic replacement


How Faith and ECMO saved Neal’s Life

God’s Timing and Healing Hands - How Faith and ECMO saved Neal’s Life