Champion Cheryl Locke Goes Above and Beyond to Help Patients

Baptist Champions Go Above And Beyond

Cheryl Locke works in patient access at Baptist. She was recently nominated for a Champion Award by her leader, Shelda, for displaying true service and compassion to someone in need.

Cheryl registered a patient who had broken both of her knees and could not move around her house. The patient needed to do some work in her home, including moving boxes and organizing. The patient could not do any of the work in her current situation. She cried and told Cheryl she had no family or community to help her.

Cheryl said she heard a little voice in her head telling her, “You need to help this patient.” So, she did.

Cheryl exchanged phone numbers with the patient and scheduled a day to meet her at home. She spent eight hours that day going through the patient's rooms unloading boxes, organizing the items in each room, moving around furniture, and supporting her with whatever she needed.

They spent time talking and Cheryl said to her, “If you don’t have any community, that’s okay. I’ll be your community.” The two ladies have been in touch ever since. Cheryl later went out to see the patient on another day. On the second visit, Cheryl helped finish the rooms in the house she had not completed on that first day.

Thank you so much, Cheryl, for recognizing a person who needed help and a friend. You demonstrated our Values of Ownership, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence and Service.

Cheryl Locke, a Black female smiles proudly with her Champion award recognition

Cheryl graciously gave her time and energy to support someone in need, and that's why she received the Baptist Champion Award. She did not hesitate to help and instead listened to the voice compelling her to take a leap of faith. 

We encourage our team members to recognize and nominate fellow co-workers when they share or witness stories like this. At Baptist, we recognize individuals and teams who go above and beyond, outside the scope of their job responsibilities and work environment to meet the needs of a customer, patient, community member, or team member. This is The Baptist Way and what makes our culture unique. Often our Champions become Legends.

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