Cancer Screening and Prevention Services

Baptist Health Care’s Screening and Prevention Services is a department designed to aid in the identification of patients at high risk for cancer, facilitate screening services for early detection, as well as assist in proactively preventing disease in an effort to encourage our patients to live an optimal life, cancer-free.

The department is actively providing screening services for lung cancer, and colon cancer, as well as genetic testing and counseling. The American Cancer Society recommends these screenings for most adults: colorectal, prostate, lung, mammogram and cervical. Learn what the screening guidelines and speak to your provider about which screenings may be appropriate for you.

Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic

In addition to providing screening services, the department also includes the Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic, which encompasses a team of innovative and compassionate physicians and team members who are dedicated to identifying and navigating patients who are at an increased risk for cancer due to their personal or family history, genetic risk factors, and lifestyle choices.

The Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic is currently providing management of care for patients interested in high-risk genetic testing and counseling, as well as patients at increased risk for lung cancer.

  • Leona Lenaz
    Leona Lenaz, APRN-C

  For more information about the clinic, please give us a call at 850.469.5176.