Cancer Research Program

Officially established and staffed in 1988, the history of the Baptist Cancer Institute research program extends to 1977 when we enrolled our first patient into a cancer clinical trial. Since that time over forty years ago, we have been dedicated to helping our patients find research studies appropriate for their disease state and we are committed to finding the answers to the difficult questions in cancer patient care and cancer treatment. Baptist Hospital has participated in more than 150 research studies sponsored by many different organizations such as the National Cancer Institute, academia, and the pharmaceutical industry. More than 1200 of our patients have chosen to be a part of cancer research.

Cancer clinical trials are research studies that help us identify better ways to treat cancer. It is important that men and women of all ages and backgrounds take part in these studies so that we can learn and help cancer patients now, and in the future. We are honored to participate in research studies that move cancer care forward and may one day lead to a cure.

Institutional Review Board

Baptist Health Care maintains an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to provide a review of projects fitting the federal government definition of human subjects research. Baptist Health Care Team Members and Workforce Members engaged in research have the privilege of submitting their research projects to the Baptist Hospital Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review.

We have a dedicated oncology research nurse who works with our physicians to select projects that fit our patient population. The research nurse can be reached at 448.227.6000 for information about cancer research at Baptist Hospital, or about clinical trials across the United States.