Nutrition Counseling

Doctor holding an apple while writing on a sheet of paper.

Nutrition plays an important role in your care before, during and after treatment at the Baptist Cancer Institute. Our team includes a registered dietitian to help with your cancer treatment and recovery. Dietitians work with patients, their families and the rest of the medical team to manage your diet and optimize nutrition throughout your cancer journey.

Our goals with nutrition counseling are to help you:

  • Manage treatment related side effects
  • Achieve and maintain an optimal body weight
  • Improve strength and energy
  • Review appropriate nutritional supplements
  • Establish tube feeding needs and manage a home tube feeding regimen
  • Educate family members/caregivers about your special nutrition concerns
  • Improve and maintain quality of life

Oncology Dietician

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    Molly Rockford, R.D.
    Oncology Dietician