Train Your Brain with These Memory Boosting Tips

Yoga members in yoga class

Is your memory slipping a bit? Try these brain fitness tips to improve the ability to recall, recite and remember. 

  • Follow a Mediterranean diet to fuel the mind with the healthiest foods. This includes eating lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and legumes and limiting red meats. 
  • Listen to music, particularly instrumental songs to help focus attention. Playing an instrument is also a great option.
  • Never stop learning. Take up a new hobby or try out a new skill. For ultimate mind power, take up a new language. 
  • Spend time outdoors. Going for a nature walk and observing around you is a great brain booster.
  • Perform physical exercises that use opposite sides of the body. Stretch out your left arm with your right leg. Perform yoga poses. These requires mental and physical coordination for a quick brain lift.