Exercise Benefits More Than Just Weight Loss

Women doing fitness in a gym

Incorporating more physical activity into our daily routines is a great goal to have. Many people think exercise only helps in weight loss or weight maintenance, but it is important for overall health.

Here are 15 reasons why exercise matters and you should be doing it: 

1. Aids in heart health and reduces risk of heart disease 

2. Keeps weight under control for maintaining a healthy weight

3. Improves blood cholesterol levels

4. Helps prevent bone loss and improves bone density

5. Prevents and manages high blood pressure

6. Reduces risk of Type II diabetes 

7. Helps manage stress and anxiety

8. Boosts energy levels

9. Reduces risk of some cancers and diseases

10. Improves sleep quality

11. Improves self-image and self-confidence

12. Provides healthy social interaction with friends and family

13. Slows the aging process at a cellular level

14. Improves metabolism and digestion

15. Decreases need for dependent care 

Now that you know how vital the role of exercise plays in your well-being, make a plan to do more of it! Commit to daily fitness.

Here are 15 ways to be physically active at any age: 

1. Find things you like and do them.

2. Go for a brisk walk.

3. Dance.

4. Ride a bike.

5. Climb stairs.

6. Rake leaves or perform gardening.

7. Swim.

8. Play with children or grandchildren.

9. Actively look for ways to build activity into your daily routine.

10. Join a health club.

11. Participate in group exercises.

12. Hire a personal trainer.

13. Get a dog and take it on walks.

14. Try an online or live-stream workout.

15. Use an activity tracker that counts your steps and fitness.

Don’t hate exercise. Find what you like and build that into an exercise program. Exercise is a gift, and we should appreciate our body’s ability to move.