Fight Fatigue - 10 Ways to Be Less Tired

Tired woman falling asleep at her desk

Are you constantly feeling tired? Nearly 30% of Americans suffer from fatigue on a regular basis. Only one in seven Americans wakes up feeling refreshed each day. Prolonged fatigue is known to be a contributing factor for a number of health conditions like heart disease and Alzheimer's. Here are 10 ways that you can be less tired: 

1. Learn to say NO! – Don’t over commit or extend yourself. Time is precious. Choose it wisely and make time to practice self-care

2. Reduce the amount of processed foods in your diet – If you’re tired, keep a journal of the foods you are eating and how they affect you. Eat fresh foods and find packages with very few ingredients. 

3. Drink more water – Fatigue can be a sign of dehydration. Water is essential for the body and the mind. If your body is dehydrated, your thinking could be impaired. Aim to drink about 64 ounces per day but talk to your doctor about consumption level, activity level and environment.

4. Consider vitamin supplements – Your body may be lacking in certain vitamins. Deficiencies in vitamins could lead to chronic fatigue. Have your annual wellness exam and blood work done to find out what is normal for you and any areas of improvement you may need. 

5. Get moving – Go for a walk. Do a few stretches, lunges or jumping jacks. If you are feeling tired, perhaps a physical activity to wake up the body is what it needs. If you are short on time, try short five to ten minute exercises. 

6. Obtain at least seven hours of good sleep each night – Adequate sleep is so important to your health and wellbeing. Learn why and how to obtain more of it.

7. Cut back on caffeine – Are you drinking more than two cups of coffee or sodas per day? Try a gradual cutback to see how it affects your energy levels. Reduce by one cup. Consider going without for a week to see how you feel. 

8. Unplug and unwind – Your brain may be overstimulated with too many communication options at your fingertips. Schedule time to put away your phone and electronic devices so you can have peace and quiet and recharge.

9. Eat power snacks throughout the day – Find that balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates between meals to keep you fueled until the next bigger meal. Try an apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter or a low-fat Greek yogurt topped with granola. For more snack and meal ideas, contact My Healthy Blueprint.

10. Talk to your physician – If none of the above work, make an appointment with your primary care doctor to rule out an underlying medical condition. Visit EasySchedule to find an available Baptist physician. 

We hope these tips will help you combat fatigue and get back to doing the things you love.