Five General Weight Loss Tips

Family holding up glasses of water ready to drink

Whether you want to look more confident in that swimsuit this summer or you’re just hoping to slim down for other reasons, these general weight loss tips from a registered and licensed dietitian offer simple things that anyone can do:

1. Reduce added sugar.  
Reducing sugar in your diet can help your body operate more efficiently and put you closer to weight goals. Be mindful of artificial and added sugars in products like sodas and processed foods. Eat fresh as often as possible.   

2. Pay attention to stress.
Stress increases cortisol, a hormone that can create a metabolic response that makes it harder to lose weight. When find yourself feeling anxious, try a few self-care tips and also incorporate these simplify-your-life tools to put you more at ease.   

3. Sleep well.  
Sleep is when your body rests, repairs and regenerates. There are many benefits to sleep, including the body’s metabolism functioning more properly. The average daily recommended amount of sleep is between seven and eight hours. Talk to your doctor about your specific needs.   

4. Hydrate.
Water is vital to a healthy body. Being properly hydrated helps to improve digestion, curb hunger and boost metabolism. Most people need an average of at least eight cups (64 ounces total) per day. Use a hydration app to track your water intake.   

5. Eat smaller meals more often and track foods.
Feeding the body smaller amounts of food every three to four hours seems to be best for many individuals. Track foods to see how often you eat and how you feel afterwards. Too much or too little of daily calories can prevent you from reaching your goals. Several free apps are available to help you journal food intake. For example, MyFitness Pal can help you track food, water and fitness.

There is no perfect diet or lifestyle when it comes to weight loss. Find what works for you. Seek knowledge and resources from your doctor. Then find support from loved ones to help you reach your goals.