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How Faith and ECMO saved Neal’s Life

God’s Timing and Healing Hands - How Faith and ECMO saved Neal’s Life


Couple Receives the Watchman Device Together, Making Heart Health and Partnership a Priority

Earl and Marrianne Zimmerle are true partners in life who love each other and take care of their health together.


500th TAVR Patient Values His Heart Valve and Care from Baptist

Hear from the 500th TAVR patient at Baptist and learn his story.

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Heart Health

Focus on your heart health with these tips so you can enjoy life more.

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ECMO Saves Lives

ECMO is a treatment that provides short to long-term support for patients with severe conditions of the heart and lungs.

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Heart Specialties

Don't Flutter Around with AFib

Don't ignore heart flutters or fluttering sensations in the throat, neck and chest.

Body and Wellness Heart Specialties Gulf Coast Healthy Living

Make the Most of Summer Time

Put these simple tactics into action this summer to make the most of the season.

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Top Five Super Nutrients for Health and Healing

Would you like to enhance your health, add longevity to your life and improve your body's ability to heal? These five nutrients may help.

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